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Home owners that use our computer services t have relied on Electronik for their home computer repairs for over 20 years.

Technology has made all of us so dependent that it seems impossible to even imagine spending a day without it. Not only this, but we have important files, friends & family photographs, schedules, and a lot of things to entertain ourselves. We use computers for banking and staying in touch with our loved ones and distant relatives.

Homeowners rely on their computers for multiple purposes, whether entertainment or work assignment. So, when your computer malfunctions, it’s easy to fret over the cost of troubleshooting and how you’ll manage to complete your work assignment without a functional computer.

Responsive home computer service

Electronik offer a responsive home computer service call out for the aforementioned situations. We’ll be out to you at the earliest to attend your IT-related exigency.

Sometimes, computer components are irreparable, or their repair outlays are too high to justify. If this is the case, we can install a brand new component in place of the existing one. The new component will deliver better performance, offer higher value and reliability whilst keeping your computer up and running for years to come.

You’d be glad to know that we use only high-quality, authentic replacement parts. We believe that it’s worth paying a little extra for quality, because while cheaper substitutes may provide a temporary fix, they’re quite likely to fail and eventually let you down.

If you want to put computer-related apprehensions to the back of your mind, our experienced IT professionals can provide monthly computer maintenance Sydney-wide assistance and home computer installation services. We’ll examine your system and will address every software, hardware or network related issues, followed by the safest, cost-effective repair solutions.

We have you covered for the following:

  • Enhance your network and system’s speed
  • Viruses and spyware removal
  • Network configuration for file-sharing and establish connection between the computer and the printer
  • Replace or repair broken hardware
  • Create backup for your important files
  • Data Recovery from Hard Disk: we can recover files that are lost, misplaced or deleted by chance
  • Equipment installation, including tablets and smart phones
  • Provide security to your computer and network

Electronik offers services in the way of:

Computer and Laptop Repairs

Computer repairs should not be taken lightly or put off even a minute longer. You never know which fault may lead to another and cause your system to crash altogether. Our computer repair specialists have come a long way repairing computers of different models and makes, regardless severity of the issue. So, what you think of a big trouble has been tackled by our experts many a times before. So, you can heave a sigh of relief once our specialists are there to attend to your requirements.

Improve your computer and network speed.

Thinking your internet connection is properly being utilised? Think again! The devices that are connected to your home internet, perhaps, are receiving inadequate or profuse data. Therefore, it is really very important to identify your requirements and choose the internet package accordingly. Electronik can suggest the most cost-effective network solutions so that you never run out of internet data at the month’s end or pay more than what you’re actually using.

Remove viruses and spyware.

Is your family computer not behaving normally? Is it getting slow down without any apparent reason or maybe showing too many pop-ups while browsing websites? It’s probably a virus that has entered your system and creating menace therein. Our computer repair service can help you come out of that situation real fast. Further, we can give you some great tips and recommendation that should prevent virus-related problems in the future.

Configure a network for sharing files and printers.

A standard Puerto Rico house is estimated to have around 8 internet-enabled devices. This figure can sometimes go up to 20. So, whenever you purchase a new device, be it a mobile phone or computer, ensuring its compatibility with the network is important. This could be a easy thing to do for a tech-savvy person but most homeowners are not familiar with such tactics. In the light of tech crisis you may be facing,Electronik helps you troubleshoot any kind of problem or set up configurations easily.

Repair or replace broken hardware.

Too many poundings on your keyboard can cause some keys to wobble. This is a big inconvenience to those who type a lot. Moreover, a crack on your computer screen is again a kind of issue which hampers ease of use. Same could be the case with a unresponsive trackpad if you are using a laptop. For all your hardware related issues, we offer the best solution, regardless model or make. To every hardware related problem, there are two possible solutions – repair or replacement – and we can suggest the best one for your needs.

Configure a backup for your important files.

If you aren’t already, now is the time to load all of your birth certificates, marriage certificates, passport photo copies, identification copies, citizenship and other irreplaceable documents into a file for access online. Storing these in the cloud can be a great way to know they will always be accessible should the worst case scenario occur, but space and size limitations can become an issue. Configuring a more permanent solution that factors in heritage documents, insurance information, family photos and other things you will want in an emergency exit that will back up to a specific source is a great option.

Recover misplaced, lost or deleted data.

This is a BIG factor for all of our residential clients. If you haven’t configured a backup for your important documents or photo library – you might just lose it all. A computer repairs service will be able to help you in 9 out of 10 cases, but it’s always better to be safe then sorry. It’ll most likely happen the day before a big report is due or half way through an online application that is important, just to inconvenience you further. Getting an emergency call in to a computer repairs service increases your chances.

Set up new equipment, including tablets and smart phones.

It’s not everyday that you set up a new device on your network, but if you aren’t really savvy with technology, you might not be getting the best out of your device! Consider having a professional in to set up your new gadget and get it running in line with your other lifestyle tools. Take it out of the too hard basket and call a specialist.

Secure your computers and network

When you create a network for your family members to use, it is imperative that you take care of certain things, which may potentially put you in trouble. Issues, like security breach, stealing data over network, etc. are common when you let your computer home network open to your pesky neighbors. There are many files and information stored on your devices which you do not want anyone outside your family to have access to. Calling our technician over to your place can save you from any kind of network-related inconvenience or security breach. Electronik offers top grade network security for big and small homes and offices, so that what belongs to you stays with you; hence, no unauthorized access.


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