Computer Home Network Setup

Network sharing lets your technology talk to each other. Creating a computer home network enables you and your family to access the same files, documents, games, music and web pages from any wifi-enabled device in your home, without the need to transfer them manually or connect them to cumbersome cables.

By putting the right network configuration in place, your digital devices can communicate wirelessly and simultaneously to share data, all from the one central home network. For instance: your network setup can enable all the devices on your network to be rerouted to the one printer ― without having to send documents to different computers or transferring files via USB or email before printing them out.

How do I set up network sharing?

A home network setup is a simple process for our professional mobile technicians — but if you’re attempting it yourself at home it can seem daunting and time consuming. That’s why, when you request a network setup or network configuration from Electronik Services, we’ll come to your home and take the hassle off your hands with minimal fuss. We can set up all the existing technology and devices in your home to broadcast and receive the wireless signals connected to your home to your internet plan.

Network services we can help you with

  • Our technicians are available to visit Puerto Rico homes and businesses today to help with:

    • setting up your computer network or wifi;
    • network troubleshooting (for instance, connection issues, security problems or slow network service);
    • learning how to share files wirelessly using cloud technology;
    • Ethernet installations;
    • printer-sharing (directing all the devices in your home to the one printer);
    • game networking installation (including Sony PS3 and Xbox);
    • wireless network passwords and security; and,
    • getting the most out of your multimedia and digital devices (such as linking up your smart TV and hifi system to your home network).


    Our technicians can also show you how you can make files from a shared network available offline, so that you can continue to work or play ― even when your computer or connection isn’t working at its best.

Network security

Despite its advantage, network sharing can leave you vulnerable to external users (such as sneaky neighbours who crack into your wifi network) if not properly installed. In most cases all that will happen is you’ll exceed your data limit much sooner ― but every now and then, this can create a security risk. If your home file sharing network is not secure, any nearby users could be able to immediately access your photos, financial information, identification documents, passwords and any personal settings that apply to your network -And that’s scary.

Fortunately, our Electronik  technicians know how to install robust security blocks which will protect you from unwanted guests logging into your network. When we set up your computer or wifi network, we can also get your network setup for wireless security measures which prevent external users from stealing your data or your internet bandwidth ― which will keep your network access points and bill to your usage.

If you’d like to boost your connectivity and set up a local network configuration in your home or business, or are seeking some network troubleshooting advice, contact us today at Electronik.


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