Computer Virus Removal and Spyware

If your computer is running slow, is littered with popups and unwanted programs or is generally playing up, it could be infected with a virus, spyware or adware. Fortunately, the sooner you give it a health check and set up a solid computer virus protection system , the less risk you’ll face of long term damage to your computer or your data.

Computer virus removal

How do you know if your computer has caught a virus? Some tell-tale signs include:

  • Slow computer startup (or entirely non-responsive);
  • Slow launching of software applications;
  • Unwanted programs automatically launched during startup;
  • Increase in numbers of popup ads appearing;
  • Difficulty booting Windows;
  • Spontaneous screen freezes;
  • Difficulty installing new antivirus protection; and,
  • Automatic rerouting to other websites and advertisements when browsing online.

In many cases, computer virus removal can be conducted by yourself at home simply by deleting unknown programs and extensions from your system. However, some malicious viruses are intentionally designed to further embed themselves or even destroy your system if attempts are made to delete them. Some are even designed to multiply and automatically make copies of themselves once you try to get rid of them. That’s why many people avoid the risk and seek the skills of a professional instead.

Spyware removal

Spyware (or adware) is software that makes changes to your computer configuration without your consent — like adding unwanted extensions, changing your homepage or modifying your browser. Spyware can range from something as simple as an annoying popup advertisement that you can never seem to get rid of, to something far more sinister. It’s not uncommon for computers to become infected with spyware programs intentionally built to collect your personal information or track your passwords and keystrokes. As you can imagine, this can have devastating consequences.

Once your computer is affected it can be difficult to identify and successfully conduct spyware removal, as malicious programs such as these are specifically designed to burrow deep into your computer system. However, all hope is not lost — our technicians at Electronik see this every day, and are well equipped to combat even the most resistant spyware or adware out there.

Computer virus protection and spyware prevention

Many viruses and spyware programs sneakily attach themselves onto a ‘host’, so that they’re automatically downloaded without your knowledge while accessing other files or software. This commonly happens when downloading games, music and films (especially from unofficial sources). At the very least, viruses and spyware will cause your computer to run slow; but in the worst case scenario, it will create a ‘portal’ through which hackers can access your private information.

As a first line of defense from such programs, be sure to read through the fine print next time you download a program, app or entertainment from a source you’re unfamiliar with. Often the automatic installation of third-party software is included in the product’s terms and conditions.

That said, if you frequently use the Internet, malicious programs are impossible to avoid forever. Your best defense is to install the latest anti-virus, spyware and malware protection programs from a trusted source. That’s why — when a Electronik Services technician visits your home — they won’t stop at computer virus or spyware removal. They’ll also install virus, spyware and adware protection so that you’re protected from it happening again in the future. Plus, if the virus has inflicted harm on your hard drive in a way or the other, our hard drive repair Puerto Rico-based service comes in handy for that.

Computer running slow or bombarded by pop ups? Our local computer virus removal technicians have the cure for your sick PC or laptop — so contact us now before risking your personal security or permanent damage to your computer.


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