Computer Installation Services and Network Equipment Installation

Have you recently purchased a new computer or software, only to realize you’re now faced with the task of setting it up? For some the process can seem overwhelming. Don’t waste your day getting frustrated as you try to get everything connected — instead, leave your equipment installation to Electronik Services Puerto Rico. Our mobile technicians are available to come directly to your Puerto Rico home or business to get you up and running — while you get on with your day.

Equipment installation services

Our computer hardware installation and software installation services include:

  • Connecting and setting up your new computer;
  • Setting up your user account and email;
  • Enabling network sharing for printers, microphones, scanners, webcams, audio-visual equipment and mobile devices;
  • Transferring data from your old computer to your new one;
  • Installing antivirus and spyware protection;
  • Connecting your wifi; and,
  • Installing and setting up software (including Microsoft Office, Skype and cloud accounts).


    If you’re trying to self-install a new computer or software but are encountering some difficulties, it’s best to call in a professional. At Electronik we’re available to troubleshoot your issue to identify the cause of the problem — and have the know-how to solve it. Our experienced technicians are specifically trained in computer servicing, so when there’s a problem, we know exactly where to look for a solution.

    We can set up your computing equipment and get you online in no time. But our service doesn’t end here. You might have other electronic gadgets, like mobile phone, Tablet, Smart TV, audio-visual, Xbox, etc, which you would want to link up with your computer and run on home network. For such requirements, Electronik is the most approachable entity.

Software installation

It’s not always as simple as loading software onto your computer and being ready to go. Before any new software is installed, you’ll first need to check whether it’s compatible with your current hardware — otherwise your installation attempt could be unsuccessful.

If you are unsure about whether your computer is going to support the software which you are looking forward to installing, a quick consultation with our technician can help. We’ll take care of everything, right from checking the system’s compatibility to updating drivers, in order to facilitate installation of whichever software you wish to use.

Office computer installation

If you’re operating a home business, we can also help you with setting up your computer and home business network — including linking it to your business email (for one or multiple accounts).

While you may think that your relatively small business cannot leverage technological benefits, our consultation service can bridge this gap out and out. We can walk you through various technological aspects that can benefit your business significantly.

Contact us today and learn how you can take advantage of your computer and software to make it work for you, not just with you.

Moving office? Our technicians are also available to support the transfer, in order to ensure your network security or data are not compromised along the way.

Would you like one-on-one help with equipment installation, computer hardware installation or software installation? Contact our Mobile Computer Services technicians today.


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