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Whether it’s a laptop or PC in the home or office, Electronik Services Puerto Rico are your data backup and recovery experts. We’ve been providing residential support services to the residents of Puerto Rico for more than 20 years — so before you panic, give us a call and we’ll send a technician out to your door to save the day (and your data).

Hard Disk Data Recovery Puerto Rico

It can happen to anyone; you accidentally delete a file or your computer fails and your files seem lost inside the system forever. You know you should’ve backed up your data but you never got around to it — not that it matters now.

Well don’t stress just yet, because there’s a lot that our hard disk data recovery specialists at Electronik Services Puerto Rico can do to recover your information. We have the expertise and the tools to recover your files — whether they’ve disappeared due to a faulty hard drive, a broken USB or simply because you sent your files to the trash by mistake. So even if you’ve exhausted all the options you know of, we still have a few tricks up our sleeves to save you from a catastrophic digital dilemma.

If you’re struggling to find the files you need or have accidentally deleted a critical file, contact us now for support from your data recovery Puerto Rico experts. Unlike remote computer service businesses, we don’t just offer you advice over the phone and leave you to fend for yourself. Instead, we’ll send a technician out to see you and fix the problem on the spot — so that you can get back to business (or Facebook) sooner.

Safeguarding your personal documents

Storing scanned copies of important documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, licenses, insurance policies, family photographs and citizenship certificates in the cloud is a smart way to secure your information in the event of a crisis — and one that will save you a lot of grief in the long run. You’ll feel safe in the knowledge that, should the worst case scenario hit and you and your family are forced to make an emergency exit, your documents will not be lost.

However, computers are not immune to disaster either. Nine times out of ten, our technicians can rescue your files in the event of a system failure using specialist equipment designed for hard drive data retrieval and hard drive repair in Puerto Rico. Every now and then, however, we find that information is unrecoverable — meaning your precious photographs, financial records and personal documents are lost forever.

This can all be avoided by putting measures in place to backup your information before it’s too late. We’re miracle workers in data rescue most of the time, but you’re better off taking our word for it — it’s not worth taking the risk of waiting for a disaster to test out our claims!

Data backup

To keep your personal documents safe, our technicians can come to your home or office to set up a data backup system and ensure the world doesn’t freeze in those cases where you can’t access your files. Technology’s come a long way since the days of floppy disks and USB storage, so nowadays data backup can be automated and uploaded instantly to the ‘cloud’. This means you can log in to a secure account from any device at any time, and always access the most recent versions of your personal documents.

Data transfer

Have you recently purchased a new computer but don’t know where to begin in transferring your files across from your old one? It’s a slow tedious process to attempt manually, so let a Electronik Services technician take the hassle out of the task and transfer your files across safely. Even if your old computer is not working properly, we can still reach into its hard drive and recover what you need, using a hard drive recovery software.

How much important information would you lose if your computer failed today? Even it was recoverable, you’re likely to be significantly inconvenienced while we work to get it back. Don’t tempt fate and put it off any longer — contact us today for a computer data backup and data recovery service and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your information is protected.

Data Recovery From Hard Drive Service

When it comes to data recovery in Puerto Rico, our specialists use licensed software for data recovery for Mac and Windows, to ensure best outcomes. Our data recovery from hard disk is quick and affordable so much so that you will never want to entrust your needs to anyone else than us.

Hard Drive Data Retrieval

Our experts can recover data from hard drive in a quick, efficient manner. We are the most sought-after company for hard drive data recovery in Puerto Rico. It’s easy for us to recover files from hard drive just by running a licensed hard drive recovery software on your system. The software is deemed to perform far better than manual retrieval; hence, saves time and hassles.

Data Recovery Software Mac

Mac users are sometimes inconvenienced by loss of data due to one reason or the other. Since Mac has different security layers plus a lot of compatibility issues which cannot be overlooked, Electronik comes forward with dedicated solutions to assist the significant volume of Mac users in Australia. We have data recovery software for Mac, which guarantees data recovery in 98% of the cases.


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